About Us

It all started with a unique thought and an extreme passion for clothing and accessories. In an urban area of California. There was this young woman who became inspired by just the thought of making something big for herself and for her family. With the strong support structure that her family is giving her she was able to expand her horizon of creativity and flourish her unique approach to fashion. As an owner of RitzyHannah, she is faithful to her belief that "Fashion will take us to where we want to be, and will always give us a good vibe of happiness".

RitzyHannah is an innocent mind that enjoys the wonders of life. All of this is due to the influence of her dad's adventurous and free spirited nature. Taking her on experiences where diversity is embraced like seeing city life in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Malibu, Beverly Hills, San Francisco where people from all over the world converge showing off their beautiful style. Whether they were having fun ziplining, hot air balloon riding, helicopter touring or enjoying a concert. All the uniqueness and quirky characteristics the he posses has had a  great impact on RitzyHannah's way of being.

Raised by a happy and supportive family unit, her passion in clothing just became stronger and bigger.

By promoting RitzyHannah, it allows her to share the world that being natural and unique in oneself fashion is an art.

She's able to flourish and share her natural charm in creativity that benefits everyone. Through this store she is sending a message to the world that being beautiful and stylish is Ritzy.

Her smile is so contagious that it mirrors her inner beauty.

She is looking forward to your beautiful smile as you receive your order.


Our Goal 

"RitzyHannah is geared to provide an ultimate shopping experience of fun, comfortability, sustainability and good quality of products at the affordable level to meet customer's satisfaction".- happy experience, happy life -